Playing sports is a metaphor for life. There are beginnings and ends, wins and loses, heartache and moments where we feel like we are on top of the world. Through sports (and being active) we make friends and learn how to work as a team. Character is built not only when we win or meet a goal but is determined by how we respond to defeat.  The road as an athlete isn’t always smooth but luckily there are tricks, strategies and approaches to making it as manageable and as enjoyable as possible.

Do you want to be the best version of yourself?  Whether you are working through a hard time or simply wanting to achieve the next level (good to great!) it would be my pleasure to help you, your child, or your team become that person or that team you want to be.

Sports Counseling

“Some say sports are 90% mental.”  Whether you believe that or not it is undeniable that one’s mental game is essential for performance. Today, most top athletes and teams have sports psychologists and “performance directors” on staff. The Seattle Seahawks and their head coach, Pete Carroll, credits their recent Superbowl win to their work with Sports Psychologist Michael Gervais and his help developing “relationship-based coaching.” The Norwegian Cross Country ski team, the best in the world, works closely with their sports psychologists and spends as much time on their “mental training” as they do on their strength program.

While mental skills training and sports psychology are on the rise in professional sports they are just as relevant for other athletes aiming to improve.  Maybe you’ve seen athletes who can execute in practice and choke in the spot light?  It’s not always the most physically talented athlete who crosses the line first. Mental toughness, resiliency, and the ability to pivot and respond to adversity is essential to meeting goals both athlete and personal.

Sport Psychology Skills & Topics I can help with:

  • Sharpening imagery & visualization skills
  • How to control social, academic & athletic anxiety
  • Using self-talk to help, not hinder performance
  • Mindfulness techniques
  • Adopting a growth-mindset
  • Becoming a better teammate
  • Coach-athlete & parent-athlete relationships
  • How to keep sports & competing fun
  • Overcoming slumps
  • Navigating transitions be it a new team or retirement
  • The mental side of recovery from injuries
  • Sports-related eating issues
  • Team building and forming identity
  • Setting and achieving goals
  • Letting go of mistakes & learning from them
  • Preparation for a championship event
  • Controlling the “controllables”
  • Embracing personal strengths
  • Effectively changing directions in sports and/or in life
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Traditional Counseling

It is important to remember that each athlete is an individual with feelings, thoughts, and concerns outside of an athletic arena. While sports can provide a positive outlet for academic, work, or social stress, outside life can also negatively affect our ability to perform in the athletic arena.  Athletes are not immune to depression, family troubles, and other mental health illnesses.  Thus, my services also include traditional “psychotherapy” as well.

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I am extremely passionate about physical and emotional health and have a long history of wellness advocacy.

Hiring me as a consultant can include:

  • Traveling with an individual or a team to a big event
  • Observing teams and providing feed back for team building and coaches
  • Public health campaigns and education
  • Filming commercials/advertisements
  • Working as a Spokesperson
  • Motivational speaking
  • Guest appearances

“Please call or write today to learn how my consulting services can help your organization achieve it’s goals.”

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Coaching services I offer include:

  • I am not writing physical training plans or actively offering lessons at the moment but I am happy to coach/consult with you for special matters.
  • An audit of what you have been doing
  • Holistic monitoring of return from injury…. I know many of the best athlete-friendly health care providers in town and can help navigate those channels as well as design a training program that will compliment your healthy return to sport and the activities you love.

“Hire me as your coach!”

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Kind Words

“Holly has an incredible story of going from a junior who didn’t crack the top 20 in the country to a 2-time Olympian. With that experience she brings tremendous courage and stigma-reduction to health issues facing female athletes, and continues to inspire with her personal transition into a post-athletic career. She has so much to offer and an amazing ability to help others from all walks of life become the best they can be. Anyone who comes in contact with Holly will be impressed and elevated by her humility and indomitable courageous spirit”

(Chandra Crawford – Olympic Gold Medalist 2006, XC Ski Sprint & Founder of Fast & Female )

“A big thank you to Holly Brooks for training with me all summer and getting me through my injury. I couldn’t have done it without your encouragement and constant positive attitude keeping me going. You are such a great role model and inspiration for athletes like me. Off to San Diego tonight to start my preseason at Point Loma!”

(Shelby Woolsten, 2016)

“As a coach, a mentor, and a friend, Holly helped turn a time in my life hallmarked by chronic injuries and frustration into a key era of maturation. She had an extraordinary ability to help me love who I was, while encouraging me to always strive to become the best version of myself. Holly helped me achieve athletic goals, but much more importantly she helped me find a lasting identity of strength which I can bring to life outside athletics.”

(Celia Haering – former APUNSC athlete and current Medical School Student at UCSF)