Those who know me well know that one of my passions is to keep girls in sports. In fact, the title of my master’s thesis was, “Why They Stay and Why They Go; Adolescent Girls’ Sport Participation in Alaska.” I don’t care if girls have Olympic aspirations or just want to be active with their friends. I simply want girls to be healthy and happy and I think that participation in sports is a great ingredient for that cause!  Keeping the “fun” in sports (no matter what level) is an important aspect for female retention. My study agreed with the following blog that social belonging was the number one factor in keeping girls’ interest.

Z Girls is an organization whose purpose is to equip girls with the tools to be successful in sports and life. They have some great blogs including this one by Z Girls mentor, Meghan Olt.  If you don’t follow Z Girls check out their website HERE and find them on Facebook!

3 Ways to Keep Girls Playing Sports